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Four Blood Moons – What Nobody is Talking About!

May 24, 2014 By Michael Q. Pink

Before I get into what’s troubling me about all this, I want to cover some very basic facts for those who may not know:

  • A blood moon is ALWAYS a lunar eclipse

  • A lunar eclipse is ALWAYS a full moon.

  • Lunar eclipses have happened over 7700 times in the last 5000 years

  • Only a “TOTAL” lunar eclipse can be a blood moon

  • The color of the moon depends on atmospheric conditions at the time. It can range from an orange hue to a coppery color to blood red or even black.

  • You cannot know the color of the “blood moon” until it actually occurs.

  • Total lunar eclipses have occurred about 2700 times in the last 5000 years.

  • A series of four consecutive TOTAL lunar eclipses is called a tetrad

  • Tetrads are less common. We are in our second of eight, this century.

  • Passover and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) ALWAYS fall on a full moon.

  • Lunar eclipses at Passover or Tabernacles are not rare.

Full Red Moon With Reflection

Is it a Sign?

Genesis 1:14 declares the heavenly lights are for signs and seasons, days and years. In Joel 2:31 we learn that the sun will be turned to darkness (solar eclipse) and the moon into blood (lunar eclipse) before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord. A tetrad is not mentioned in Scripture so it is not a requirement, but still a possibility that the Day of the Lord could come in that season.

The succession of solar and lunar eclipses are meant to be a sign for sure, but not a definite sign that something will happen. The fact that there is a solar eclipse during this tetrad is quite normal because solar eclipses occur an average of 2.4 times per year.

Think of it as one of several conditions that must occur. For it to snow, for example, it must be cold AND there must be precipitation as well. Just because we have cold outside, doesn’t guarantee there will be snow. Just because we have a season of eclipses doesn’t mean that portends the coming of the Lord. Only that it could.


As has been rightly claimed, a tetrad of four total lunar eclipses falling on Jewish holidays has only happened three times in the last 500+ years. The claim is that something really significant happened to the Jewish people at that time. Let’s look at that.

The first recorded tetrad in the last 500+ plus years apparently came in 1493-1494. It is often touted as coinciding with the horrific Spanish expulsion of the Jews where they were given two weeks notice to leave the country or die.

The Spanish Jews rushed to leave Spain and many crowded the seaports, filling up the ships with their families and possessions to get out of harms way. Thousands of Jews were mercilessly slaughtered or died as they made haste to evacuate.

Columbus's ShipsAmong those ships leaving Spain at the time of Jewish expulsion of 1492, were the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria under the leadership of Christopher Columbus who that very same year, took many Jews with him and sailed the ocean blue. It is of no small significance that the Jews financed the Columbus expedition and the founding (not the discovery) of America, but that study is for another time.

What I want you to notice is that the four blood moons (and we don’t know if they were really blood red at the time), BEGAN their 18 month progression the YEAR AFTER the Spanish expulsion and Columbus’ trip to America. They could NOT have been a sign for that event.

Signs are signals of future events. You don’t give a signal the day after, (let alone a year after), a major hurricane strikes the coast, warning people about the hurricane that just passed.

If it were the sign of a tetrad, then by definition, it would have to complete its cycle before anyone knew it was a tetrad and then we would look to see what immediately followed that time frame. I am not aware of anything significant.

The next one we are told, coincided with the birth of Israel as a nation. That is probably the most significant event, prophetically speaking, since the day of Pentecost in Acts chapter two. It occurred on May 14, 1948. Immediately, five Arab nations attacked the newly formed nation. There had already been serious fighting since 1947 but all out war began at this time. The war of Israel’s independence as it is called, was officially over in February of 1949.

The first of the four blood moons did not occur in 1948. The first one occurred in the spring of 1949 after the war of independence was over. The other three followed, concluding the tetrad in the fall of 1950. As much as I want it to be a sign of the birth of Israel, the tetrad finished more than two years after the birth of Israel. God does not settle for “close enough” on anything. He is extremely precise.

Some say it speaks to the influx of Jews to Israel after the war of independence, but the problem with that is that the blood moons are considered an omen of judgment. The Jews coming back to the land was a celebration.

That moves us to the third tetrad to fall on Jewish holidays, which occurred in 1967 – 1968. About six weeks after the first blood moon in April of 1967, Israel fought and won the Six Day War. During that time, Israel regained control of its ancient capital Jerusalem, which was another prophetic fulfillment of great significance.

The remaining three eclipses followed the war over the next 16 months. I’m not sure how it can be an omen or sign if the event it is warning about occurs more than a year before the sign of the tetrad is complete.

Total Lunar Eclipse At Dark Night With CloudWe are now in the last tetrad of blood moons that fall on Jewish holidays for this century. If it is a sign, I believe the sign will have to complete its cycle to be a sign. But as I said above, the coming of the Lord does NOT REQUIRE a tetrad, only the solar and lunar eclipses which occur often and will again in 2015.

What is being strongly implied by many prominent Christians is that because two of these eclipses fall on the Feast of Tabernacles, that it most likely predicts the second coming. I will bet my house against yours that it will not! (Note: Don’t take my bet because if I’m right, I get your house. If you’re right, we’ll be gone and it won’t matter.)

Some Uncomfortable Facts

Some blood moon proponents argue that the blood moon tetrads are God’s heavenly sign warning Israel of some important event. So far, I’ve pointed out that the tetrads all came after the event they were supposedly warning about.

Jerusalem 70 ADBut what about some other hugely significant events in Jewish history? Like the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 AD, or the holocaust of World War II which dwarfed the Spanish expulsion in size and scope, or the Yom Kippur war of 1973? Those were all hugely significant events in Jewish history, but no blood moon tetrads. Is anyone else asking these questions? Are we all so gullible as to swallow whatever popular book comes down the pike?

One more uncomfortable fact… There have been four other blood moon tetrads that did fall on Jewish holidays since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They occurred in 162/163 A.D., 795/796 A.D., 842/843 A.D. and 860/861 A.D. respectively. But nothing of note took place. Say what?!?!?! The 4 blood moon advocates are silent on these dates.


While I do not believe the four blood moons predict the coming of the Lord at this time, I am very aware that there is a confluence of other indicators that indicate a time of trouble is ahead. Jonathon Cahn wrote an excellent book called The Harbinger, which you should read.

He also talks about the Shemitah. That is something very precise and profound and worthy of further study. The next one occurs September 13th of 2015. It is worthy of consideration but it also raises big questions for me, that I have not yet researched and will reserve comment until I have.

I could discuss at length economic cycles and what is known as the war cycle, as well as the fourth turning, which begins around 2016. There seems to be a confluence of cycles all turning around a time frame that begins next fall. I don’t know what’s coming but I do have some strong impressions.

My reason for writing this article is to urge you to think for yourself, do your research and then pray… Pray until you hear from the Lord. Don’t take the shortcut and let someone else do all the hearing for you.

Learn from other leaders, but don’t swallow until you have chewed on it. You might find something they have missed or conveniently ignored. There’s too much at stake to not be discerning and very, very prayerful.

I will share with you in my next blog what came out of my prayer time Friday. What I received was very sobering and worthy of serious consideration. However, like the Apostle Paul said, I only see through a glass darkly.

Take what I say, add it to what you have and prayerfully ask the Lord to speak to you. I would welcome any input from others on this blog. God bless you all.

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