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When will your business institute be available?

Thanks for asking. There is a lot of work to prepare for it but you can look for it this summer. We anticipate including video, powerpoint, downloadable pages and the option of live calls as well.

We are gathering your input now with many others to formulate the course material. So stay in touch with us via the website or sign up for the email so you will receive notice of any and all important developments.

Thank you for your interest!



Hello – I need to generate income…


I can design websites and also know a lot about budgeting (helping people create a budget, etc). I feel stuck in moving forward. Suggestions for marketing and income? I also like investing and wish I could get good at it & prosper there too. (Jean)

Hello Jean;

The first thing that jumps out at me is lack of focus. You don't seem sure what you really want to hone in on. If I am reading this correctly, you are using your skills but not really operating in your sweet spot, the thing you do better than anything else, that you also love to do.

If you want to make money at websites, get out of designing websites. Nobody wants a website.  They get them because they have to or they need to, in order to attract business and/or close sales or perhaps to disseminate a message. People spend lots of money on websites because they expect a return on investment.

For most people, websites are a vehicle to create a revenue stream. Instead of designing websites, you might want to consider being in the business of building multiple revenue streams for people by creating high response, high converting websites. Take the emphasis off the design function and put it on to the thing people care about, the desired result they hope the website will bring.

As for investing, that's a worthy endeavor. You can invest many ways such as real estate, stocks, futures, etc ., as you know. There are proven ways to invest soundly that may be of interest to you, depending on your risk tolerance and available capital. I have worked with experts in those fields in the past and will most likely invite them to address our audience in the future due to the high level of interest we have received for this kind of training so far.

If you haven't already Jean, visit the Business Institute page and fill out the form to be informed when that training becomes available.



What Distinguishes Your Selling Techniques From the Wolf’s?


If I were to call in to that blog talk radio show I would ask you, In your selling business what distinguishes your selling techniques from a wolf' s selling techniques?

In this fallen world of business advertising I see nothing but lying, manipulation and hyped up come ons that appeal to men' s carnal natures and love of money. Jesus said we should not be seeking for food and clothing and other material things like the pagans seek but rather we should seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and then everything we need will be added unto us.

How do you incorporate seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness into your selling techniques? Do you always tell the truth about the product you are selling? Do you try to create a need for something that people can easily live without.

My son once worked as a salesman for a lawn care company that was owned by what was claimed to be a Christian company that followed God and the Bible. Their employees had bible studies went to church and did all the things that Christians do. My son spent several months being trained in the sales techniques of that company. He was taught how to create a need for their service.

He was assigned to go on sales calls with the most successful salesman who was making thousands of dollars a week. He said that guy was a master manipulator who could sell ice to Eskimos. He told me that most all of the people that dude signed up canceled the service within just a few months when they realized they did not need the service.

Then these cancellations were given to new salesmen like my son as leads to resell the service. But my son had no desire to be a master manipulator salesman and therefore he was unable to make any sales to make any money. He liked the fact that the parent company was a Christian company but he did not like the sales manipulation that was required to make any money with them.

Michael, there is so much corruption in the world of selling and promotions from people who claim to be Christians that when ever I hear people mixing Christianity with business and selling, I steer clear.

That is why I ask you what you do in your sales techniques that are different from what wolves do?

Yours truly in Christ,



Sounds like an honest question to me David...

Selling is not something you do to someone to get what you need or want. It is a process of mutual discovery where needs and wants are discovered and laid against strengths and weaknesses of your offer. In my world, there is NO NEED for pressure closes. Ever! I detest them. I didn't ask my wife if she wanted to get married on the 15th or would the 30th be better and if she could make up her mind by 5:00, I'd take her to Hawaii! That would be ludicrous. I didn't ask her until I was pretty sure I knew the answer. We didn't there through a process of manipulation

What distinguishes Selling Among Wolves from the wolf's selling methods?

1. Never even attempt to sell someone something they don't need or want. Make it your goal to find folks you know can be truly helped by your product or service and help them.

2. Practice full disclosure, not partial truth.

3. Model your selling practices after the summary of Christ's life as summed up by Paul in Philippians 2

4. Never sell something you don't believe in or represent a company you don't believe in.

I make no apologies for the manipulators in sales. I am not their defender, nor do I agree with their approach. In my opinion, most Christians in sales are trained in Pharaoh's school. They learn from guys like Tony Robbins or Tom Hopkins, etc., and then MAYBE try to put a bible verse on it, here and there, to make it look "Christian". That is pathetic but common.

First of all, I don't believe in "creating a need" to make a sale. I do believe in meeting a need however. So one of my tenents is "Find a need, BEFORE you proceed".  I look for real needs. When I first got started selling copiers in the USA, I began to study Proverbs. I read where we are to "bind mercy and truth around our neck and we would find favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man."  As I meditated on that, I concluded that telling the truth meant full disclosure. I knew you could tell the truth but convey a lie. Lying can be done with truthful words, because lying in my opinion is the intent to deceive, regardless of your choice of words.

To me, being merciful meant never even attempting to sell someone something they didn't need or want. For me to do that, I had to ask questions. That eventually led to my discovery of the Moses Questioning Strategy where Moses tells the 12 spies to find answers to seven things. Because they were going to be met with resistance which means risk, but ultimately reward if they were successful, I saw the corollary to sales because there is often resistance, usually associated with the risk of lost time and wasted effort, but if successful, there is a reward.

My first year using this approach with much more than I have shared here, it was expected that I would close 25% of the proposals (demonstrations) I did. That was the national average. I finished my first year setting a record for individual sales and closed about 92% of all my presentations. NOT ONE of them was pressured! In fact, when a junior rep was accompanying me on a sales call that I closed, he accused me of "pressure". When the business owner came back into the room to give me the check to accompany the contract he just signed, I handed him back the contract and told him that my coworker felt I had used pressure to make the sale and that I didn't want to proceed if he felt that way. The customer said that my coworkers impression was ridiculous, handed me back the contract with the check and thanked me for asking enough questions and making the right proposal so he could proceed.

Lastly, I incorporate seeking first the kingdom of God into my business this way... Not always, but often I set aside an open ended time in the morning to read the Scripture, meditate on it and truly fellowship with the Holy Spirit. By that I mean, that I not only pray, but I also quiet myself to listen. Sometimes the connection is strong and immediate. Other times it takes some waiting. But always it is worth it. Once I sense His presence I stay until that lifts.

The net result of that time together is my heart is aligned more to His will and I truly set out to love who He loves and hate what He hates, taking my example from Hebrews 1:9 and other places. I know God hates dishonest scales for instance. I know He hates lying and deception also. I know He loves humility and the fear of the Lord. So, I try to embrace what He loves and reject what He rejects. Make sense?

What is your insight around sowing and reaping?


What is your insight around sowing and reaping? I have sown for years and don't see the 100 fold return. Have you learned some insights about reaping? (Steve)

I sure have Steve and will give a detailed answer this week...



Are some people not born with the ability to sell?

I received this question from Mike. He writes...

"Do you believe some people are not born with the gifts or ability to sell? All of my friends say that I am a natural salesman but I can't seem to sell anything. I usually get into trouble that even though I follow scripts I never get any return phone calls. I am a natural follower and lack much confidence. The lack of confidence has nothing to do with knowledge but how I view myself. What makes someone persuasive or not?"

See my answer here... 

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