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GOD'S WAYS, WORD AND WISDOM for Starting a Business & Succeeding in Sales


Rule One – Lean not on your own understanding (Prov 3:5)

Training can take on many forms depending on the corporate culture and the perceived needs of the business owner.

I don’t lean on my own understanding and neither should you. I prefer to know and hear God in all my ways and He directs my paths. By the way, the Hebrew word for “acknowledge” used in this verse is the word “yada”. It is the same word used in Genesis for when Adam “knew” Eve.

This is an intimate knowing, not just a polite tipping of the hat when you come into the room. When I consult with clients, I lean heavily on the Lord to open my eyes to see what He sees.

Rule Two – Ask for the ancient paths (Jer 6:16)

“Have not I written to you excellent things of counsels and knowledge, that I may make you know the certainty of the words of truth, that you may answer words of truth to those who send to you?” Prov 22:20

The word translated “excellent” in this verse is the Hebrew word “shaliysh” which means triple or threefold measure. The above Scripture could be written, “Have not I written to you in threefold measure of counsel and knowledge…” In business, I look for the threefold measure or threefold perspective.


There is a super abundance of precedent in the Scriptures for seeing a threefold measure or threefold progression if you will. We have the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, where God is looking down three generations.

We have God Himself who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have Jesus who describes Himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life. He talked about the 30, 60 & 100 fold return. Solomon spoke often of wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

The Old Testament is awash in threefold progressions. The Tabernacle of Moses had an Outer Court, Inner Court and Holy of Holies. Three types of metals were used; bronze, silver and gold. Three colors of fabric were used; blue, purple and red. I could list dozens more. Here is the threefold progression I use when I consult…

Outer Court Analysis (Level 1)

The outer court was illuminated by natural daylight, which speaks of natural illumination and it was (and is) as far as most people go. It’s the realm of the 30-fold return. Do this well and you will prosper.

In the Outer Court, there was an altar of sacrifice to deal with sin. It was always the first order of business at the Tabernacle of Moses. In our business, we want to make sure that the company culture does not promote, endorse or excuse unethical or unbiblical practices.

The only other thing inside the Outer Court was the brass laver (wash basin) where the priests prepared themselves for service. They washed their hands and feet which speaks of their work (hands) and their ways (feet).


When I consult, I look at the work that is being done. I am looking for expected and desired outcomes. I want to know the work (activities) being done that are expected to bring a certain result. Are those activities measured and are folks held accountable, both for activity and results?



Then I look at the ways. I am looking for process, for systems, for the sales culture, the corporate culture. How does business flow? Is the message clear? Is there a clear, concise and compelling value proposition?

God’s First Business Model

In Genesis 1:28, God said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it.”I want to know whether your business is, or has been fruitful. Do you have a working model? If so, then we look at multiplication. In what ways can we scale your business?

Then we look at filling the earth. That’s distribution. That’s knowing and defining your territory and gaining a presence there. Lastly, theres “subdue it”. That’s about taking a position of leadership in the market space you are called to. Before you can get to multiply, fill and subdue, you must first be fruitful.

The Outer Court speaks of naturally observable practices, so I look at natural things that God put in place to teach us. Doesn’t Romans 1:20 teach us that? (“For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.”)

For example, the rainforest, which is the most lush system on the planet, is highly productive, despite having limited capital (poor topsoil) to work with. How God gets abundance from relative scarcity is what every business owner needs to know.


Every business goes through the same stages as a tree or a forest. They begin with an innovation and break onto the scene. If they are fruitful, they enter into a season of rapid growth and expansion. Once they occupy the footprint or territory God has set for them, they begin a long period of production and variation of a theme. For example, Starbucks may have started with coffee, but they later added tea, pastries, breakfast foods and gifts.

However, every great tree must fall. In business, they either go out of business or reinvent
themselves. In the rainforest that’s called “creative destruction”, the process of death and rebirth from the ashes of what was. These four phases repeat endlessly. Knowing where you are in that process is critical for planning where you are going. This is but one of dozens of natural principles that I have studied first hand in the rainforests of the world and I understand their application to business.

Inner Court Analysis (Level 2)

As you can imagine, if you do Level 1 well, you can do very, very well in business. Perhaps that’s why so many stop there. But now we can enter the Inner Court, the place of Principles and Strategies. This is the place of the 60 fold return. (I speak metaphorically.)


This place had no daylight. It was illuminated by a golden lampstand (divinity) that continuously burned pure olive oil (the Holy Spirit) to shed light upon a table, spread with bread, (Jesus was the bread of life, the Word of God) and display the altar of incense, which filled the atmosphere with a sweet smelling aroma (prayer).

Here is where the Holy Spirit illuminates God’s Word to us and shows us God’s ways. Here we can learn about the great business model called Planet Earth and how God built it all in seven days. In fact, the Genesis account of creation is bloated to the point of bursting, with God’s great wisdom for business. It is an incredible business model if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. But there is so much more…

God is the ultimate businessman who created a system that produces incredible value, is self-replicating and has no rivals. There is a ruthless competitor (satan) who cannot tell the truth, does not have an original idea and nothing he builds is built to last. Nothing. So, if you care to know, I would be happy to introduce you to the negotiating secrets of the Apostle Paul, or how to create a climate of trust based on the life of Jesus Christ.

I would be happy to walk you through the motivational secrets of the Ten Commandments and how they guard and protect ten legitimate motivational needs we all have. Or perhaps you would like to know how to win the battle for the heart as modeled by the Canaanite conquest and the seven tribes, which represent the “six abominations, yea seven”, that God hates.

If your interest is marketing, I would introduce you to what Isaiah said about the coming Messiah and how we would know Him by a sevenfold manifestation. If you want to know how to strengthen a presentation, I could take you to the 2nd chapter of Acts where Peter makes a presentation in which 3000 people make a decision to follow Christ. A decision they knew could cost them their lives.

If you are wanting to establish credibility with someone, I could take you to John chapter 5 where Jesus teaches us about the fourfold witness. Knowing how to leverage this wisdom can make a big difference for your business

Dare I mention how the Holy Spirit persuades the heart (the 7 laws of persuasion) or the significance of numerical sequences found in creation and built into the tabernacle of Moses that have made men fortunes?

I could go on and on, but my point is that the Holy Spirit is always pleased to illuminate the Scriptures to reveal Jesus and to instruct us in the ways of life. It is here that we gain twice the advantage of the one who seeks only methodology and process, but does not hunger for the bread of life. I have spent years laboring in Level 2 and can help you bring your business into that level as well.

Holy of Holies (Level 3)

Holy of Holies

This is for those who desire the rarified air of God’s tangible presence. It is the place of the 100-fold return. Inside here, there was neither natural light or candlelight. It was illuminated by the glory of God. It is the place of Supernatural provision. No flesh glories here.

In business, it is the place where trust and faith take the drivers seat. There is much to be said about this place. Few there be that even attempt to run their business at this level. But if you do, you must never ignore the first two levels or it will not last. In reality, it is not a menu you choose from. You learn how to do well at level 1. Then you layer in level 2. While doing that, level 3 begins beckoning you.

There are three ways I consult with clients.

Phone: This can be done on an “as needed” basis or on a regular schedule such as a weekly or monthly coaching / consulting call, depending on the need.

Come to Sarasota: Maybe it’s because we live in a beautiful sub tropical climate with the famous Siesta Key voted best beach in America, but for some reason, clients like coming here for consultation. Sometimes they fly their executive team in and sometimes they bring their sales team in for training as well.

On location: Most commonly, I will travel to the client’s office where I meet one-on-one with the executive team, department heads and key personnel. My focus is on revenue growth so I will often go on sales calls with team members to assess them and get a feel for your business, your customers or prospects and your market space. This typically lasts 2 – 5 days depending on the size of your business and what we are hoping to accomplish.

Getting Started: There is no charge for our first conversation. This allows us both the opportunity to discover if it makes sense to proceed. On that call, we will discuss your perceived needs, the outcomes you are seeking and whether or not my approach to business is a fit for you.

The Testimony of Others

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased we were with both the training and the field work you did with us. The information has already had an impact on our thinking and our performance. We have also implemented your profoundly effective negotiating strategies in some key ongoing negotiations and were able to arrive at win/win solutions where none appeared to be in sight…

Daryle L. Doden, President, Daryle L. Doden, President
Ambassador Steel

After dealing with people for 25 years now, I must admit that your approach to consulting is most refreshing. Every moment that we have worked together has been productive. Even my controller commented…that your fee is the best money we have ever spent. Your ability to draw our team together and to help us deal with some pretty significant issues in such a short time is nothing short of amazing.

Rob Burnham President, Rob Burnham President
MSports Custom Apparel

We found our time with you both inspiring and informative. I am most happy about the after effect... Prior to our time together, we had been struggling with sluggish sales and tough recruitment problems. Since then, things have really taken a turn for the better. We are experiencing record sales…we have seen a 56% increase in commercial business and our people are really functioning as a team.

Michael D. Rivers President/CEO, Michael D. Rivers President/CEO
A-Plus Personnel Services, Inc.

It was a pleasure to work with you and advance the better sales principles into our organization. In addition, you were well accepted by our team and I anticipate great results from our sales group.

Steve Shelby Sales Manager, Steve Shelby, Sales Manager
Nordson Corporation

Michael Pink was a valuable asset to us and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He updated and reformatted our Sales Reporting System, which resulted in generating of new sales leads for us. Michael’s initiative and creativity came through as he ran our Marketing and Sales Campaign which brought new ideas and leads…

Jay Fant President & CEO, Jay Fant President & CEO
First Guaranty Bank

I want to comment on the time you spent with us in strategic planning. Your ideas on marketing issues and how we can continue to grow our business gave us fresh insights and great hope."

Carl J. Wright, President, Carl J. Wright, President
Urban Ministries, Inc.

Your insights into our business were nothing short of amazing and now it is time for us to take the baton and finish the race.

J. Scott Sanders, J. Scott Sanders, President
CyberStockyard, Inc.

After looking at our marketing needs, you have made recommendations that show your tremendous insight into the realm of sales marketing systems and techniques. Your guidance in helping us develop a mission statement and vision for our company has helped solidify our staff and create a spark that has been missing from our people for a long time.

Bob Gilmore, CEO, Bob Gilmore, CEO
Graphic Publishing Systems

What came out of our time together is bigger than I ever imagined. Not so much the mission and vision (which, by the way, you pulled out of us masterfully), but the strategic planning. You allowed us to see the world as a bigger place. You forced us to think forward in a way we have never challenged each other to do. The result is a strategy to grow our firm exponentially, not just the accepted' norms. This is exciting! We would not have seen our value and ability without your help.

Doug McDaniel, CPA, President

Thank you very much for the two days of practical workshops. Your ideas are helping us turn away from being self-centered and re-focus on our customers’ needs. Even though a lot of us have been selling for a long time, we need to be reminded often of the basics. If we practice what you taught us, we will become a better company

Jim L. Cook, International Sales & Rights Manager
B & H Publishers