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headshotMichael Q. Pink is a best selling author of over a dozen books including The Bible Incorporated, Selling Among Wolves, and Rainforest Strategy. He’s been a featured speaker at multiple arena events for business leaders, and leader of countless sales and business seminars in the U.S. and abroad.

Michael has carved out a unique niche for applying Biblical principles and natural law to sales, marketing and business processes. For over seven years, he was heard daily on American Family Radio and other networks eventually being carried in over 200 markets nationwide.

His television appearances include: The 700 Club, PTL Canada, Heritage USA, CTN, Dove Broadcasting and local NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates. He’s been a guest writer for numerous national publications like Success Magazine, Business Reform, Christian Business Magazine and others.

As a corporate sales trainer, Michael is known for teaching Biblical models for the sales process that produce profound results. This is not about going to the world, finding some motivational guru that wants to “release the giant within” and putting a Bible verse on it and calling it wisdom.image

Michael’s consulting practice focuses on revenue growth by dramatically improving marketing efforts, defining and greatly improving the sales process and improving personal productivity. Over the years, he’s served Fortune 100 companies, one-man startups and plenty in between.

His highly acclaimed Rainforest Strategy book about the planet’s most successful business model came about as a result of numerous trips to the rainforests of the upper Amazon and Central America where he studied the rainforest as a business model. The lessons he pulled from the rainforest and his access to hundreds of scientific white papers by Smithsonian scientists have proven highly effective for business owners.


Michael’s focus is to help anyone who wants to learn God’s ways…

… …for business and life so they can advance God’s kingdom and bring others to Him. That limits the field so to speak. But that’s ok. What he cares about now more than ever is a world that is lost and people that have profoundly lost their way. He wants to equip as many folks as possible with the skills necessary to gain a platform of leadership and success and then use that platform to lift up the name of Jesus Christ and draw others to Him.

There are now FIVE significant ways you can get help from Michael…

1. Read the blogs

They’re free, but we do ask if you read a blog, please post a comment. We want to know what you’re thinking, how the article impacted you and what we can address in future blogs.

2. “Ask Michael”

You can ask Michael anything about sales situations or business challenges and he will do his best to give you succinct, salient responses that will benefit you. Just go to “Ask Michael” on the right hand column of the home page to learn how this works.

3. Shop the Store

All of his products, which have generated millions of dollars of revenue over the years in physical form are now available in digital form for easy downloading. If you cannot afford any of the products offered, let us know and we will do our best to make a way for you.


4. Join the MPI Business Institute

Live online coaching to help you succeed in the marketplace while strengthening your walk with God. This is a fully integrated approach where faith and works collide to produce remarkable results and where God gets the glory. It is our intention to raise up Godly entrepreneurs and revenue generators who will be intentional about leveraging their spoils to advance God’s kingdom.

5. Bible Incorporated Seminar

A two-day BOOT CAMP to Revolutionize Your Marketing, Radically Increase Yours Sales and Firmly Establish Your Business. Typically held on a Friday and Saturday either in a church or sponsored by a local Christian business group.

On a Personal Note


Michael’s best friend and bride, his great treasure, Judy Ann is a remarkable woman who walks in the Spirit and hears from God. Her life story is one of overcoming loss and difficulty and finding God’s pleasure and presence in the midst of the storm.

At age 7, Judy lost her father to cancer and days after her 18th birthday her mother succumbed to cancer as well. Many years later Judy found herself dealing with some very concerning health issues, which plagued her mind due to her family health history. The night before she was scheduled to see the doctor to deal with it, the Lord woke her in the middle of the night and spoke to her to break the curse of cancer off her life. When she obeyed, the symptoms left and never returned.

Her encounters with the Lord would continue over the years and in the retelling of those experiences many have received strength and great encouragement, myself included. She has this incredible grasp on the love of God that so permeates her being, that when she begins to minister, the love of God comes pouring out of her like honey out of a barrel.

Judy has served in numerous leadership capacities for various ministry boards. She has traveled internationally and ministered in crusades in Russia, Israel, Turkey and Greece.  She was an award winning real estate professional for over 10 years.

Blessed with a knowledge of the word of God and a prophetic anointing, the Lord uses her in the gifts of the Spirit with boldness. Her passion is to see the lost saved and to minister life to God’s people. You can learn a lot more about Judy and her ministry by going to

What Others Are Saying…

It was a pleasure to meet you… It was a memorable evening and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to listen to your thoughts and ideas.

Rudy Giuliani,
Former Mayor of New York City

THE BIBLE INCORPORATED, a clear, beautifully prepared, bountifully practical book, will be a useful and invaluable reference tool to help believers incorporate biblical principles into life’s activities.

Jack Hayford,
Living Way Ministries

You were born with the heart of William Wallace… As one of America’s Greatest Teachers and Evangelists with a destiny to knight businessmen and women in the army of God. It is an honor to know and learn from you. You are one of my hero’s.

John Beehner,
CEO of Wise Counsel

Michael is doing a business seminar here in Guatemala which is attracting unusual attention among business leaders. His basic ministry is to show business people how relevant the Scripture is for maximizing their production in whatever line of work they have chosen.

C. Peter Wagner,
Global Harvest Ministries

You’re application of Biblical principles is without equal and you easily motivate us to use them in our daily lives. You are a truly inspiring teacher and we are blessed to have you as a friend and an educational mainstay of the NACFC.

Board of Directors,

We would like to recommend the teaching ministry of Michael Pink. The seminar, ‘The Bible Incorporated,’ which he came to impart to our congregation and other churches of the city is indeed a clear, practical and true application of Biblical principles; not only to the business world , but also for every aspect of interpersonal relationships.

Francisco Bianchi & Carlos Velasquez, Senior Leaders
Verbo Church in Guatemala

I wanted to drop you a short note of congratulations. We’ve gone through your business materials and we are extremely impressed.

Ron Mumbower, PHD. Family Minister
First Baptist Church Jackson, MS

Michael Pink’s materials on selling are some of the most applicable I have seen. His practical, no-nonsense approach encourages and empowers those in the sales profession to succeed without compromise. Michael proves that you can reach your goals while adhering to the timeless principals found in God’s Word. His articles in New Man Magazine have received rave reviews from our readers. Salesmen to CEO’s (and even a retired General) have shared with me what an impact Michael’s materials have made on them.

Rob Dilbone, Editor
New Man Magazine

There have been many publications which have compiled verses pertaining to particular aspects of the problems of daily living – all of them first class. However, it is my opinion that “The Bible Incorporated” has set a new standard, which will be very difficult to surpass. It has proven to be invaluable not only to me, but also to many of our Partners.

Leornard E. Bauly, General Manager
PTL Club Television Network of Canada

I believe ‘The Bible Incorporated’ is a tremendous tool for any Christian man or woman, particularly those involved in the business community. I am confident that others will want to join me in presenting ‘The Bible Incorporated’ to their communities.

Beckye Bacon, Guest Coordinator
Heritage Ministries